Reasons Why Your Corporate Needs a Visitor Management Software Now

Modern businesses that are constantly about growth attract numerous clients and companies. What’s more? As the number of new visitors escalates the ability of keeping log books for monitoring these visitor details are going out of style.

Today, top notch corporates around the world trust visitor management software for keeping track of office employees, new comers and potential threats. What’s more? These visitor management systems provide numerous perks over log books.

Not only are these smart and make your office look tech advanced but these are cost effective solutions too. Are you still not convinced?

Then read on, and witness the explanations why a visitor management system will give you good ROI.

visitor management software

  1. Detailed Knowledge on Visitors

One of the biggest perks of a visitor management software it that it allows you monitor the details of unplanned and planned guests. This helps in making alerting the building authorities on whoever is visiting.

In case, of new visitors the data provided let’s companies do a background check on new visitors thus, improving company’s security.

  1. Alertness

If it is an important client call or business meeting then it is best to not make a valued client wait. In case of a visitor log, your assistant would have to notify you, you’ll then be preparing to receive the client.

By then, the visitor might be annoyed, irritated and moody which can affect a potentially important hypothetical deal.

This is why with the visitor management software you’ll be alerted beforehand on important meetings. This way you can prepare your staff to greet the client and win over him easily with your company’s efficiency.


  1. More Control with Visitor Access

If you have an enterprise that is huge, then you can only allow certain clients and employees to access specific areas. For example, if you ever saw Agents of Shields, you’ll notice only certain employees and trainees could access certain data or projects.

Other novice employees were kept in the dark. In similar ways with the assistance of visitor management software, you can enroll a visitor’s fingerprint or RFID Card to access selected areas at work.

  1. Live Status of Visitors

Another perk of the visitor management system is that it offers real time information on the live status of a visitor. It provides location, visitor status, information on visitor passes, preexisting passes or expired passes.

visitor management

  1. Producing Visitor Report

Lastly, the other perk of visitor management software is that it allows the office admin to generate reports on visitors. The number of punches, who punched, visitors who were denied access, pre-registered visitors, one’s who’s registration lapsed, all these details are notified in various formats in PDF, CVS word, Excel, MS Word, and RTF.

Further, with options like e-pass, a visitor’s information like his contact details, organization name, photographs etc. are all registered, for improved security purposes.

So, now do you see why installing a visitor management system will offer your company a good ROI? So, find the best service provider and get started today! for more information read this article!